Dust Wipe Clearance

A certified Lead Paint Inspector or Risk assessor may also conduct a Lead Dust Wipe Clearance which is done after a renovation has been completed. In summary, dust wipe samples are taken from different areas then where the renovation took place. The samples are then sealed, labeled, and sent to a lab for analysis. The results are given to both the contactor and the homeowner for review. If the lead level comes back over the minimum threshold, the work areas must be cleaned again and retested.

A contractor cannot conduct this test. This Lead Dust Wipe Clearance must be conducted by a Lead Paint Inspector or Risk Assessor.

In 2011, the EPA may make Dust Wipe Clearance a requirement for certain types of renovations.

Some homeowners may want this test done after a renovation has been completed, to give them the peace of mind that the worksite is properly cleaned of lead dust. Some contractors may want this done to make sure they are protected from any future accusations of causing lead poisoning.

Of course, if the home or work area is tested for lead prior to the renovation and has been proven that no lead is present, then there is no need for Dust Wipe Clearance