We are an EPA Certified Lead-Based Paint Inspection Firm

We provide lead-paint testing services in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. All of our testing is done with an XRF analyzer (X-Ray fluorescence analyzer). The XRF is the EPA’s preferred testing method because it is the most accurate, non-destructive (to painted surfaces), least expensive method and results are achieved instantaneously without the use of a lab.

How is lead testing conducted?

In response to the EPA's new RRP program we specifically cater to:

As you probably found from your web-searches, there aren’t many companies that offer this kind of service. Congratulations, YOU FOUND US. Recently there has been an increase in the need for lead paint testing. The lead-contaminated dust generated by traditional renovation work can cause lead poisoning in children, pregnant women, adult homeowners, the workers and even your pets.

As of April 22nd 2010, the EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) final rule (40-CFR745) went into effect requiring that renovations conducted for compensation must be performed by EPA certified firms using EPA certified Renovators when working in pre-1978 target housing. Click here to learn more about the RRP Final Rule http://epa.gov/lead

Since this Rule took effect, many contractors and property management companies have just assumed lead is present in pre-1978 target housing while performing renovations which has greatly increased the cost of the renovations and has considerably increased the amount of record keeping. Unfortunately, the increase in record keeping also leads to an increase in exposure to fines up to $37,500.00 and possible civil litigation.

The only way to greatly reduce the use of the "lead safe work practices" and reduce the record keeping necessary is to prove there is no lead paint present. We can definitely help, especially when we are talking about homes built from 1950 and newer. Of course we cannot guarantee negative test results for lead based paint, but lead based paint was used much more often in pre-1950 housing units..

In the EPA's RRP Final Rule there is a provision for Certified Renovators to use renovator test kits to test for lead. Some contractors ask why they should have a Lead Paint Inspector test with an XRF analyzer instead of using the renovator test kits. Click here to see why.